Drake University - Virtual EMS

NEW ACCOUNTS:  The Office of Conference and Event Services staff will automatically be notified of your account creation and will assign your account permissions based on your affiliation with Drake within 3 business day.  When that process is complete, you will receive an approval email at your Drake email address. While your account permissions are being assigned, you still may use VEMS to browse space availability, but you will not be able to request the spaces until your request settings have been approved.

INACTIVE ACCOUNTS:  If when you login the system states that your account is inactive, then email roomreservations@drake.edu with the following information:  your name, your affiliation to drake, and the organization(s)/department you are associated with.  We will respond to your email within 1-2 business days.

NOTE TO STUDENTS:  If you are not the president of your student organization or the president's designee, your account will not be given access to request spaces.  Rather than creating a Virtual EMS account, contact your organization's president or their designee to request spaces. Make sure you are listed as the president or the president’s designee on Community.